Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lots of work being done..........

Photos coming soon on the work that has been done in the building. Becky & I have been busy chipping plaster off walls to expose brick. We went on a 'pick' last week and had to haul all of our treasures into the building. The weather has been so nice that we have actually been able to be in the building, without heat, to work on some things. Contractors are getting closer to coming in to hook up electricity and get it run throughout the building. We have purchased some fabulous chandeliers we are going to paint and embellish. Becky was able to snag some great vintage school house lights to install as well. Also plumbers and masonry contractors will soon be hard at work.

Are these little sweeties serving mud pies with their pots of tea? My sister and I couldn't make enough of them when we were little girls.