Friday, May 25, 2012

Miscellaneous Photos...

Prairie City has many beautiful features. Right across the street from the bank building is a gorgeous green square with a gazebo. The view of that is lovely from the second floor windows. While taking photos of some of the landmarks, I noticed some of the beauty that most would pass an old and gorgeous fireplug, an old lightpost, an old service station across the stree with a great red firetruck parked in front, the grain elevator, and a vintage brick building with a newer SuperValu sign on it. We both love small town Iowa and lived in several growing up. We are so very excited that we will have a beautiful building to work in and a lovely community where it is located.  We are also looking forward to meeting the residents of Prairie City.  We hope you like us.......

This just makes me happy to pull up to the bank building and see THIS!

Second story windows

Gazebo in the green square

I love this lamp post

Beauty everywhere I look

Do you think grain elevators are beautiful?  I do!

I would love to have this fireplug in my garden.........just look at it's great shape.

The local Super Valu......I love that its so close.

A view looking straight up

We worked hard to chip the plaster off of two internal walls and L-O-V-E the way the brick looks.  Of course, an American flag makes it look even better.

This will go on the front door.........a vintage fixture with a letter H, which just happens to be the first initial of the owner's last name.  Lovely...

We Have Lots Of News And Photos To Share....

It may have been quiet on the Blog, but not in the building.  The grant to update the bank building was finally approved.  The contractor was ready to go, and then we had a building permit delay...for three weeks.  In the meantime, we did some demolition work ourselves.  Demolition may sound easy, but not necessarily so.  For the record, what you want to come down, you about have to blow up to remove.  What you want to remain in place comes apart with the slightest of touches. 

Bit by bit, it’s been coming together.  The entire North storefront was torn off, and the joists and floor supporting the storefront was reworked.  The building is not being restored to original, but we are trying to give it some of it’s old glory back.  With our new storefront, the original cast iron columns installed in 1882 will again be exposed.   There are tons of pictures, and we’ll make sure to post the before, during and after snapshots.

What’s great is that we’ve been told the town is a buzz over the building being brought back to life.  The contractor had spectators every day, several stopping to visit with him to get all the details.

Unfortunately, the mason who is scheduled to lay the brick front fell off some scaffolding onto a broken window.  Over 60 stitches later, he’s stuck at home recuperating.  Looks like the brickwork will be on hold for a while.  In the meantime, the electrician should be coming in, followed by the plumber.  When we say the building was stripped of everything, we mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  Had they been able to yank the vault out, I’m sure it would have been gone, too.

We’ve done some salvaging over the winter.  The back portion of the building will have flooring and baseboards removed from an old Church in Ricketts, Iowa.  We have woodwork for the windows and doors from both Maxwell and Mapleton, Iowa.  On the way back from Ricketts, we saw an old brick building being demolished in Rippey.  Of course we stopped, and found the original tin ceiling in the building being torn down.  They held off demolition for 48 hours, and that tin ceiling is now sitting in the basement vault of our bank building.  The light fixtures we’re using ---- are old schoolhouse fixtures, origination unknown.  So, not only did we save a whole lot of stuff from the landfill, this building will have the bones from many old Iowa buildings.

So, while we wait for the contractors to do their work, it looks like a good time to start stripping all the woodwork and refinishing it for the building. 

 By the way, if you’re ever in town and we’re working in the building, please, stop in and say hi. 

Becky and Linda

Notice the beautiful cast iron columns finally exposed

All boarded up and waiting for the custom windows and door

New windows ~~ and they are actually glass!

New windows and door with the exposed columns.  No ugly shake roof overhang.  Isn't she beautiful?

The Old Girl got a dab of color for Memorial Day.  We hope you all have a lovely weekend


A Little Visit To The Second Floor......

The upstairs of the bank building is in pretty good shape.  Work had been done on it and it looks great, but will need a good cleaning.  It's also where our "stuff" is stored.  We had lots of fun getting these things up the long and winding stairs.  Inevitably, we always started to laugh at the most inopportune times.  On one of the days we were hauling furniture up those stairs, my sister had donated blood earlier in the day.  It was a hot day and we were trying to get a large and heavy library table around the turn.  My sister suddenty proclaimed, "I am going to get sick......I've got to sit down for a minute.  Fortunately, that lovely table was wedged tightly in the space so I sat on the stairs with my back against the table until she felt a bit better.  We did get the table up the stairs and around the corner. 

We have talked about renting out some of the space upstairs for groups looking for a great space to meet and work on quilting, scrapbooking or other artistic/crafty projects for a day or a whole weekend.   It would be a great space to teach a class.  I have been making jointed collectible mohair teddy bears for 25 year and would love to teach a class if I could find some interested parties.  There is a lovely tearoom down the street and I'm sure we could get some wonderful meals brought in.  Please keep us in mind.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  We love your feedback.

Welcome to the second floor

At the top of the stairs looking down the long hallway

Some of our inventory stored upstairs

And more stuff......

This is the room we would rent out for classes, meetings or other group functions.  It is nice and bright and has a lovely view on the Prairie City square

The lovely glass shades on the shelves will be on the lights downstairs.