Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mud Pies & Sassafras Tea October Monthly Antique Vintage Primitive Architectural Market

Please come join us in October for our Monthly Antique Market. We are located in the historic bank building overlooking the square in Prairie City, IA. Only 17 miles east of Des Moines on Hwy 163 (University Avenue).

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MudPiesandSassafrasTeaAntiques

If you have questions you can call:

Linda Dorr 515-229-5015
Becky Horner 515-250-9785

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrapping Up The Weekend Antique Market & Estate Tag Sale

We want to thank all of you so very much for making our weekend market and estate tag sale such a huge success.  After weeks of sorting, cleaning, hauling, storing, hauling again, organizing & pricing the tag sale items, along with several weeks of late nights and working both the tag sale and shoppe this weekend, we were exhausted when we closed our doors at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.  But, as usually happens at the end of our market weekend or a show.... when we are carrying the biggest & heaviest piece of furniture..... we start to laugh about something and finally have to set the piece down and get the giggles out of our system.  We both agreed that we still have the best job in the world.  Here are some of our observations:

Both Becky & I are blessed with incredible daughters……she has four, and I have three.  Three of them came to help us on Saturday.  So a HUGE thank you to Carrie, Kristin & Elizabeth.  Thanks, also, to Kelly & Lynn for supplying us with so many boxes with lids which helped to keep us organized.  All of our family members have been helpful in their own ways and incredibly supportive of what we do.  Your love & encouragement means so much to us.

Also, we would like to thank the couple whose estate tag sale we organized.  They were kind, gracious, helpful and fun.  They pretty much seem like family now.  They went above and beyond in the many ways they helped us out. 

You never know what items people are going to fall in love with and want.  While organizing for the tag sale, we came across an abundance of rusty old tools and bits of farm pieces of this & that.  We put them in three big tubs and called them our rusty crusty stuff.  As soon as we saw somebody approach the tubs, we would inform them that anything in those tubs was free.  It was usually a guy and they usually had to clarify that it was indeed free and then set about digging through everything.  It was so much fun to watch them find their treasures.  One guy explained that he liked to weld pieces together for garden art (oh, hooray!) and was excited about such a find.  It made our hearts happy, as did every single person who was thrilled with their purchase.  We loved hearing the stories about what the customer was going to do with their item, why it was special to them, or how it added to a collection.  One lady came up and gave us an offer on the whole box of vintage valentines we had priced individually.  The offer was accepted.  I can’t remember if she was buying them for her own wedding….but somehow they were going to be used for a wedding.  If the person who purchased them reads this, please let us know how you are going to use them and we would love to see photos.  We had people show up early on Saturday to be first in line to purchase something we had listed.  It made us happy to see them so happy with what they waited so patiently for……plus some extra goodies they picked up. We have two ladies who have come to every one of our weekend markets and we now consider them fun friends.  They were on their way to our sale early Saturday morning when one of them experienced some not so good symptoms and was taken to the hospital.  Diane, we missed you and we are praying & hoping everything works out for you.  It was a day of beautiful weather, great bargains, happy faces, meeting new customers & vendors, seeing old friends and working with our daughters.  At the end of the day, after hauling the remainder of the tag sale items back inside and putting some in a free pile outside, we drug our weary bones to Goldies for a yummy dinner which included onion rings.  Sadly, no room left for ice cream. 

Sunday was the car show and our shoppe opened at 9:00 a.m. For a second day the weather was perfection.  Thank you to the Prairie City Fire Department for giving us a shout out during announcements.  It was a treat to stand out front of the old bank building and watch a parade of vintage cars come rumbling into town and park their gems.  I did take a spin around the square (on foot) to check out the beautiful vehicles and yes, I did have a delicious funnel cake.  We had a steady stream come into the shoppe all day long.  Once again, we got to visit with some delightful and interesting people.  Whether you are just looking, buying or have items to sell…..we love you all.  It is such a treat to us when customers email or text photos of an item they bought & placed in their home. 

Sunday evening, we both collapsed when we arrived at our respective homes.  We actually got home before dark for the first time in weeks.  Tomorrow we will post the dates for our October Weekend Antique Market.  An added bonus…… we will be open an additional Saturday in October for the Fall Fest being planned in Prairie City.  We don’t know the date yet, but we will let you know when we find out.

Until next time........Linda & Becky

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Mud Pies & Sassafras Tea Antique Market will be having an ESTATE TAG SALE in conjunction with their Antique/Vintage/Primitive/Architectural Market this weekend in Prairie City, Iowa. Our shop (in the old bank building overlooking the square at Main & Jefferson) will be open on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. 'til 5:00 p.m. Outside on the sidewalk on Main Street, we will have tables set up for our Estate Tag Sale which will be open from 8:00 a.m. 'til 3:00 p.m. This tag sale will consist of the remnants of an old farmhouse used mainly for storage. There will not be any furniture or appliances, except for what is mentioned in the list below. We will also have contents from the old farm wash shed and some items from the barn. If you are into welding pieces together for yard art, we will have lots of rusty & crusty farm tools and little bits of this & that. We will have very old items and some mid century items. You will not want to miss it. RAIN DATE FOR THIS TAG SALE IS SEPTEMBER 28.
Saturday will be the day for the city wide garage sales in Prairie City, and there will be a flea market/landscaping/plant sale in the parking lot of the Cardinal Inn. We are sure there will be plenty of shopping to be had. You can find a copy of the flyer with all open garage sales on this day at Casey's General Store located right off the exit from Hwy 163.

If you have any questions, please call us.
Linda ~~ 515-229-5015
Becky ~~ 515-250-9785

Barn Trolley
Barn Trolley Hay Carrier Harpoons
Bed Springs
Barkcloth fabric
Old Uncle Wiggly game
Old leather saddle approximately 100 years old
Bird Cage
Tin boiler
Old Blue depression bubble glass dishes
Buttonhole attachments
Cable spool wood orange painted
Old Canning jars both blue & clear
Chair orange upholstered swivel mid century
Four white wood chairs with upholstered seats
Three Clothing racks metal on wheels
Old cast iron wall Coffee grinder
Old small white kitchen w/ linoleum top
Wood curtain stretcher in box
Doors -- total of 9 both painted white & stained five panel
Door hardware handsets knob & backplate - Eastlake
Two old wood stained French door with glass
Old Farm Equipment manuals
Fishing Tackle box with contents
Footboard cast iron
Garden cultivator
Old Men's hats
Old wood Incubator with all of the parts still inside plus cord
Aqua retro table lamp
Black wood floor lamp
Metal floor lamp
Hanging mid century lamp on chain
Cast iron Enterprise /Fruit/Press/Sausage stuffer
Old glass oil lamps
Mirror wood frame
Mercury reflector for oil lamp
Old wood piano missing front panel
Fox print
Old screens
Three old sewing machines
Two old sewing machine cabinets
Sewing stuff. . ..Box of yarn, wood spools, etc.
Old Sheet music
Three mid century black metal shelves
Old metal corner hanging shelf
Table legs - miscellaneous wood all
Table legs Eames hairpin
Table wood maple w/hidden leaves
Table wood maple w/hidden leaves
Men's ties from the 40's
Tool Box metal
Old towel holders metal and glass rod
Old pop up trundle bed
Lots of vintage valentines
Three old farm water pumps. One made in Cedar Rapids and two made in Des Moines
Metal coat rack
Ben Franklin type stove
Old cast iron tub with three legs